Cosmetic Grade Alpha-Arbutin Powder

  • CasNo:84380-01-8
  • Molecular Formula:C12H17O7
  • Purity:98%
  • Molecular Weight:

Product Details

Product Name Alpha Arbutin
Other Name 4-Hydroquinone-alpha-D-glucopyranoside; a-Arbutin
Purity 98%min
CAS NO 84380-01-8
Molecular Formula C12H16O7

Alpha-arbutin is similar to beta-arbutin, which can inhibit the production and deposition of melanin, and remove pigmentation and freckles. Studies have shown that α-arbutin can inhibit tyrosinase activity at relatively low concentrations, and its inhibitory effect on tyrosinase is better than β-arbutin.

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