What is pepsin?

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What is pepsin?

Introduction of pepsin

Pepsin is an enzyme, which attacks nearly all kinds of native and denatured proteins. Pepsin is manufactured from porcine stomach linings. Porcine pepsin is found in the stomach of pigs and it is very similar to pepsin presented in the human stomach. The pepsin is released by the stomach following the ingestion of food by the organism so that the proteins in the food can be broken down and eventually turned into energy .


Source: Porcine gastric mucosa, porcine stomach linings, Hog Stomach
Systematic name: Peptidyl peptide hydrolase
Named from the Greek word “pepsis” (digestion)
Other name : Pepsin A Pepsina
CAS-No. 9001-75-6

What is the application / uses for pepsin ?

Dietary Supplement — nutritional formulas (tablets/capsules/powders) as a digestive aid

Digestive Aid

Protein Hydrolysis / Hydrolysis of proteinpepsin

Food / Cheese making

Leather bating (tanning process)

Silver recovery from film (digests gelatin)

Trichina testing (pork, horses, walrus)

Animal Health formulas as a digestive aid

Meat tenderizing formulas

Dissolution testing

The main units and test method

Pepsin NF Pepsin National Formulary 1:3000  1:10000  1:15000
Pepsin USP Pepsin United States Pharmacopeia USP 32 1:3000  1:10000  1:15000
Pepsin EP European Pharmacopeia 6.0 0.5 Eur. Ph.U./mg

1.6 Eur. Ph.U./mg

2.0 Ph.Eur. u/mg

2.5 Eur. Ph.U./mg

Pepsin BP British Pharmacopeia 1:3000  1:10000  1:15000
Pepsin JP Japanese Pharmacopeia Saccharated Pepsin

Pure pepsin without impurities

Other units and test method

Pepsin FCC Food Chemicals Codex
Pepsin FIP International Pharmaceutical Federation

Not less than 0.5 pH. Eur. U. per milligram

Pepsin JECFA Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives (15thJECFA 1971) 

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